History of the Serbian and Yugoslav Army in the 19 and 20th Century (Ongoing)

„History of the Serbian and Yugoslav Army in the 19 and 20th Century“ is a long-term project of the Military History Department of the Strategic Research Institute. The project has a goal, besides the reconstruction of Serbian and Yugoslav army war preparations and warfare, to process the organizational development of the armed forces, interconnection of the armed forces and society as its component, as well as the influence of the armed forces on the social processes, including its modernization. In the spirit of contemporary trends in military historiography, the basic idea is to watch the causes and tendencies of warfare events from military, economic, social, and political-historical point of view, as well as during the time of peace which is just the preparation period between two wars, and where often the causes of success and failure on the battlefield are underlying. So far, within this project, the researchers of the Military History Department published over 30 scientific-research articles in domestic and foreign professional magazines, as well as five books: "The 1953-1954 Balkan Pact Journal", Slavica Ratkovic-Kostic, PhD; "Europeanization of the Serbian Army from 1878 – 1903", Slavica Ratkovic-Kostic, PhD; "Collection of Texts from the International Scientific Conference “Balkan Pact 1953/54”", Dmitar Tasic, M.Sc.; "The War after the War. The Kingdom of Serbs, Croatians and Slovenians’ Armed Forces in Kosovo and Metohija and Macedonia, 1918-1920", Dmitar Tasic, M.Sc.; "The Automobile in the Serbian Armed Forces 1908-1918", Dalibor Denda, M.Sc. Within the project, from November 13th to 16th, 2008, the international scientific meeting „First World War – 90 Years Later“ was organized.