Identification of the Contemporary Form of Asymmetric Security Threats (Finished)

The aim of the Project is research of contemporary forms of security endangering, stemming from the global asymmetric relations subjects of the international scene. Globalization with its comprehensive presence in the life of contemporary people reduces the distances, speeds relations and information, but also creates social preconditions for eruption numerous conflicts. Therefore, today security is endangered on asymmetric way, what justifies need of security asymmetric form research. The Project special attention is paid to extremism, terrorism, illegal migration, and organized crime, as asymmetric security phenomena, due to its transnational nature, may produce the most serious  security consequences. The Project should be enabling to perceive indicators which point on the existence or the possibility expressing concrete phenomen in certain period of time and on the certain place, primarily in Southeastern Europe. Its goal is to identify contemporary asymmetric forms endangering European security and defense and security and defense of the Republic Serbia.  

During the realization of the project, the following results were published:
The Thematic Collection of Articles: "Asymmetry and Strategy", Strategic Research Institute, Belgrade, 2018.