Аbout Institute


The Strategic Research Institute is a military scientific institution that performs scientific and research activities in the field of social and humanistic science in several fields of science: management, political science, sociology, psychology, economics, history and other fields under the conditions prescribed by law.

The Strategic Research Institute was founded in 1984 in the process of transformation of the Marshal Tito Military Academy of Yugoslav People Army School and the Strategic Research Center of the YPA General Staff into a new integral scientific-teaching institution. Institute had three stages of development: the first in 1985-1990, within the Center for the Strategic Research and Study Armed Forces (COSSIS) "Marshal Tito", the second after 1990, until his transformation into the Institute of War Skills, when he was in the composition of the Center for High Military Schools of the Armed Forces (CVVS OS) "Marshal Tito" and the third one, since 2006, when the former Institute of War Skills was reformed and renamed into the Strategic Research Institute, which included part of the dissolved Military History Institute (as a Military History Department ) and the Military Archives (until then an integral part of the Military History Institute). The Strategic Research Institute is functionally and organisationally linked to the University of Defense.

The Institute organizational structure consists of:
  • Department for Security Studies,
  • Department for Defense Studies,
  • Department of Military History
  • Joint Affairs Group and
  • Military archive
In scientific research work, the Strategic Research Institute performs the following tasks:
  • Using scientific methods, investigates theoretical and practical issues in the field of security and defense of the Republic of Serbia;
  • Using scientific approach Institute explores the processes and factors in international relations, by whom the security and the international position of the Republic of Serbia depend on;
  • Using a scientific approach, analyze the experiences from the existing crisis of importance for the security and defense of the Republic of Serbia;
  • By research methods explores the contemporary security threats to the Republic of Serbia;
  • Using a scientific approach, analyze the strategic and doctrinal documents of the Republic of Serbia and other states and international organizations of interest to the defense system;
  • Investigates the organization and basic principles of modeling and arranging the army and defense systems using modern scientific methods;
  • Research economic, sociological, psychological and other aspects of the functioning of the defense system and military organization;
  • Explores the history of the Serbian and Yugoslav armies in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries;
  • Organizes reviews of scientific papers from the Strategic Research Institute and, upon request, participates in reviews of scientific papers in the field of security, defense and military history;
  • Тraining staff of the Strategic Research Institute for scientific research activities;
  • Participates and cooperates in scientific research projects and activities with other institutions in the country and abroad;
  • Prepares and realizes scientific and expert evenings in the field of security, defense and military history;
  • Prepares and publishes the results of scientific research work through periodical and other scientific publications;
  • Performs other tasks of importance for the defense system.