Branislav Đorđević, Mitar Kovač, Jovanka Šaranović: Serbian Military Luminaries

As a result of the “Dragojlo Dugic” competition, this monograph was recommended as a valuable project that honors freedom and the revolutionary tradition in the Republic of Serbia. The specific values and social norms that significantly influenced individual lives as well as the system of values and dedication inspiring the fight for national interests and goals were identified in the form of this biographic lexicon. Following the concept of these luminaries and considering the historical distance that is necessary in order to identify persons and formulate relatively steady statements that would last, the book covers the period from the arrival of the Serbs in the Balkans until 1918. The basic criteria for the choice of individuals included in this book was their theoretical and practical contribution in reaching and maintaining the highest national values, through direct participation in the wars against the invaders (enemy).