Collection of Documents: Balkan Pact 1953-54

Experts and the public still have not been able to obtain a comprehensive view of the details, establishment and impact of the Balkan Pact, even though more than 50 years have passed since Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey signed it. Analyses often provided simplistic judgments about the Pact. Additional possibilities to research those issues appeared when previously unused materials from the Military-History Institute’s Archive Fund became available. In addition to the military materials and documents, texts for this Journal come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (at the time called The State Secretariat for Foreign Affairs of the Peoples’ Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) and the Josip Broz Tito Archive (The Yugoslav History Museum) where the Military-History Institute’s researchers found a large number of unused documents that showed how the Government worked at that time (including Tito and his role in those events). All the documents are arranged chronologically, published in whole or in part (military materials) in order to avoid unnecessary technical details that would burden the main idea of this Journal.