Jovanka Šaranović, PhD, Srđan Milenković, MSc, Anita Đorđević, Tatjana Višacki, MSc: High School Graduates’ Opinion on Military Profession

According to Prof. Desimir Pajevic, PhD., who was one of the reviewers, this paper was a systematic and theoretical scientific study which explored several psychological (motivating) and socio-demographical characteristics of the young population. It also determined how much those characteristics influenced young people when they made the decision on whether to pursue a military career. Similar results were obtained in comparison with earlier research, and theoretically that is very significant. Despite recent changes within society, the results show that in the last 20 years the sources of young people entering the Military Academy have not significantly changed. The influence of particular psychological and socio-economical factors on the decision whether to join the army also have not changed a lot. The reviewers’ opinion is that these data should be used professionally as much as possible and presented to military and public audiences, including the Serbian Ministry of Education.