Radomir Janković, PhD, Nebojša Nikolić, PhD: Simulation in Research of Modern Warfare Physiognomy

Actual modes of engagement of the military, and characteristics of modern warfare above all, call for different methods and approaches in theirs investigation and studying. Requirements and expectancies are more demanding, but available and permitted effectives and resources are running down. Solutions are seen in a technical modernization and organizational improvements, but also in searching for new doctrinal concepts. Simulation modeling and its different applications have important role in this efforts. One of them is a Swarmig concept, which is presented in details. Swaming concept is a direct consequence of one wider context known as network-centred warfare. Potential and usability of the Swarming concept comes from basic idea that smaller forces could be produce greater effect on the battlefield. Also, this work contains basic information about possibilities and different applications of simulation modeling in a military domain, as well as some views on the overall changes in the military known as the revolution in military affairs. Other concepts, like Data farming, and characteristics of military simulation modeling are presented in short and that could be a starting point for future research like this one.