Miroslav Mitrović, PhD, Milan S. Milutinović: Handbook on Defence System of the Republic of Serbia

Within the cooperation between the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and the OSCE Mission to Serbia, and within the scope of the project "Consolidation of Democratization Process in the Security Sector", the Strategic Research Institute published a Handbook on Defence System of the Republic of Serbia. In three chapters, on hundred pages and with schematic preview of organization which makes the contents clearer, the following is presented: basic defence system terminology, legislative basis, strategic-doctrinary and planning documents, authorities of state bodies in defence management, structure and jurisdiction of organizational entities of the Ministry of Defence, as well as the organization, missions, tasks, and units of Serbian Armed Forces. The contents of the Handbook is primarily aimed to the Members of Parliament of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and to expert services, as well as to all the other interested structures within state administration, public sector, and civil society.