Tatjana Milošević, PhD

Scientific Rank: Researcher Sssistant
Area(s) of Expertise: Foreign policy of Yugoslavia
Phone: +381 11 2063 613
e-mail: tatjana.milоsevic@mod.gov.rs
Tatjana Milosevic, PhD, has been employed in the Strategic Research Institute in the Department for Military History from 2006. Before this date she worked in the Military History Institute as an Archivist in Military Archive. She gratuated at Philosophy Faculty at Department  for the History of Yugoslavia in year 2000 with thesis Milan Stojadinovic and Serbian Ortodox Church. Postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences finalized in 2011 with the thesis „Military Political Relations between Yugoslavia and USA 1956-1963“. The PhD thesis „Military Political Relations between Yugoslavia and USA 1964-1974“ was finalized in 2016. From 2015 also perform duty of the editorial secretary of the Military Historical Review.
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