Strategic and Security Trends in South Eastern Europe up to 2020

The project has multidisciplinary character and it was realized through four parts: The European Union in a Multipolar world; Energy Security as a Factor of Geopolitical Regrouping; The Interests of Turkey and Germany in the Western Balkans and Perspectives of Development Hellenic-Israeli Alliance as an Instrument of limitations Turkey's Foreign Policy Ambitions. The project covered only part of the process, which intensity and potential could significantly affect the security of Southeast Europe. The aim of the research was to offered arguments to contribute to a better understanding of regional security trends, and a better knowledge of the factors that affect future security developments in the region. Knowledge gained in the project, suggest possible directions of future security situation in Southeast Europe in terms of the impact of long-term political, economic and security interests of certain international factors. The result of the project was published in the study of the same name in 2015.
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