Tematic Collection of Articles „Gender Equality in Defence System – Accomplishments and trends“

Tematic Collection of Articles „Gender Equality in Defence System – Accomplishments and trends“ has appeared as result of two-day international scientific conference with the same name held on in the Belgrade in 2015 and organized by the Strategic Research Institute and UNDP/SEESAC organization with the aim of exchaging experince in the field of gender equality with foreign countries, but also to combine experince of local and military sectors.  
This collection encompasses articles on various aspects of gender equality topics, perceived by the representatives of scientific, research, educational and independent state institutions, but also international organizations from Germany, Austria, Norway, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Serbia. The collection is designed so as togive various perspectives of the considered topic, thus providing reliable material that can be used by representatives of academic community in their everyday work.
This thematic collection presents 24 papers divided into five themes:

1) The role of institutions and organizations
2) Academic approach
3) Gender regime
4) Gender perspective in missions
5) Gender and security in SEE.
Thematic collection of papers represents a significant contribution to the existing base of scientific and expert knowledge in the field of gender equality. Published articles contain an overview of contemporary tendencies in the field of gender equality; they focus on joint challenges and point to good practices, at the same time contributing to continuing cooperation of educational, scientific and expert institutions at the national, regional and international level.