Collection of papers "The First World War, Serbia, the Balkans and the Great Powers" presented

As part of the celebration of 100 years since the First World War, in the Central Military Club, The Collection of Papers entitled "The First World War, Serbia, the Balkans and the Great Powers" was presented. It emerged as a result of the international conference under the same name, held in 2014, as well as the long cooperation between the ZHistory Institute in Belgrade and the Strategic Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence. Srdjan Rudic, Director of the History Institute, Lieutenant Colonel Miljan Milkic from the Strategic Research Institute, Prof. Aleksandar Rastovic and Doc. Aleksandar Zivotic spoke about the scope and the themes of the work which includes 33 scientific papers of eminent experts on the Great War, historians from Serbia, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Belgium, France, the Russian Federation, Austria, Japan and Hungary.

Dr. Srdjan Rudic, Director of the History Institute of Belgrade, said that cooperation with the military historians give significant results which are reflected in the joint organization of two scientific conferences, on the Balkan wars and on the First World War, and that there is another one to be organised in a few weeks under the title 'Volunteers in the Great war". It has also been planned to hold a scientific conference in 2018, dedicated to the year 1918, one of the most important years in the history of Serbian and European nations, the breakthrough of the Salonika front and the end of the First World War.
Lieutenant Colonel Miljan Milkic, one of the editors, spoke about the contents of the Collection of Papers pointing out the intention of the organizers of the conference and the publisher to contribute to expanding the knowledge of the First World War, by pointing to some new facts and a different vision of the world conflict in which Serbia offered huge, and in every sense disproportionate, sacrifice.

- The Collection of Papers has seven units in which we tried to cover the most important topics related to the First World War in the Balkans and the role of the great powers in the by then the world's largest conflict. The titles of these units already speak enough about the character of scientific papers published in the Collection of Papers. These are Historiography, War and Diplomacy, Military History Gazette on the First World War, The Balkans in the Great War, The Serbian Army in the First World War, and Remembrance After the War, Lieutenant Colonel Milkic said.
Aleksandar Rastovic, PhD, spoke about the always current revisionism when it comes to accountability for war and drivers of conflict, pointing out that the Collection of Papers gives a clear, multidisciplinary, comprehensive, professional and objective answer to some, so to speak, open issues. Doc. Aleksandar Zivotic established that after the First World War nothing was like it was before it who, pointing out that it was important to occasionally open some old themes with new arguments, especially if they were explored with less traditionalism and prejudice.