Propensity to serve in military active reserve (Finished)

This project was undertaken after special request from the top authority in the field of management of human and material resources for the need of defense system. They wanted to know what level of propensity is for service in the military active reserve. Concept of the Active Reserve presents one of ways for manning of armed forces. An citizen sign contract with representatives of Ministry of defence and confirms his readiness to serve in military service when he wolud be called. In return, the MoD will pay his readiness with some money. Active reserve gains growing importance in many European countries that made switch from conscript concep to professional volunter forces. Active reserve has mutual benefit for both sides: it can relax temporary problems related to manning of military units; and, it is a good way for some additional money for citizens who are willing and prone for contractual obligation for military service on a temporary basis. Military organization is interested to find out population’s level of propensity to serve in active reserve. Additioanlly, other question could be recognized: about motivation, expectation, age and education structures and others. This paper presents empirical results on propensity and motives  to serve in active reserve. Parts of the resarh found the way and have been published in prominent international and domestic journals and conferences, as well as linking with related research topics at the level of European scientific projects.