The Strategic Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense is implementing a project titled "Hybrid Warfare - Experiences and Perspectives". The research will also contribute to finding the answer to the problem dilemma that is actual in the circles of the expert public at the global level and refers to the conceptual and content definition of "hybrid warfare" as a new phenomenon or as a new term for already existing forms of conflict.
We invite all interested subjects to share their knowledge, experiences and observations relating to hybrid forms of threatening national security with the members of the Institute for Strategic Research and the wider military and academy community.
We also invite all interested subjects to take part in the forthcoming thematic conference on the theme "Hybrid warfare - experiences and perspectives" that will be organized by the the Strategic Research Institute in the last quarter of 2017 (the exact term and place will be reported later after considering the number of stakeholders). The gathering will be in the form of a round table with a focus on discussions and a clearer profile of specific problems of primary interest for a military organization.

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