Veljko Blagojević, Defense Diplomacy - Concept, Legal Basis, Organization, Lambert Academic Publishing, 2017.

The book in front of you is a study that seeks to answer the following questions: What are the concepts of diplomacy and defense diplomacy; Its place and role in diplomatic and overall foreign policy engagements; Experiences of certain European countries in the legal regulation of defense diplomacy, as well as certain tendencies regarding the organization and functioning of modern defense diplomacy. Defense diplomacy is a significant part of diplomacy and overall foreign policy. The functions of defense diplomacy are defined and regulated by diplomatic law and practice, as well as the position of the states in the international order. On the other hand, organization and functioning of defense diplomacy is in responsibility of nation state and its law system. The aim of this book is to analyze the experiences of different European states (Swiss, Russian, Germany, France, and UK) in legal regulation of defense diplomacy according to international law, tradition, and position in international politics. This analysis gives us the opportunity to notice some tendencies in organization and functioning of modern defense diplomacy as well as the core of concept of defense diplomacy.