Collection of Articles "The Great War in 1915"

The Great War in 1915 anthology presents the result of sustained and mutually-beneficial cooperation in the field of military history research between the Austrian Military History Museum and military historians from the Strategic Research Institute of the Serbian Ministry of Defense.
The year 1915 was one of the most difficult in the entire history of the Great War. After the failure of either opponent to achieve a victory in 1914, the combatants faced a prolonged war. This year of almost unrelieved military failure for the Allies was particularly difficult for Serbia, which was subjected to a broad typhus epidemic, then attacked in overwhelming force by Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria.
In order to commemorate these tragic military events and great human losses, and also to present different perspectives and new facts based on new research and documentation the editors choose some 25 papers by military historians from Austria, Serbia, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, and Slovenia who took part at the conference jointly organized and held in Belgrade from 3 to 5 November 2015.
The Anthology preface was written by Serbian military historian Lt Col Dr. Dalibor Denda. The papers are divided into five thematic units. The first group includes paper covering the politics of neutral countries or nations and their internal dilemmas and decisions to enter the war or stay neutral during 1915. The second section highlights the operational history and the condition of the Austria-Hungarian and Serbian Armies in 1915. Social history is the focus of the third section of this collection of papers. The fourth section highlights foreign perspectives of and experiences from the Serbian battlefield in 1915. The fifth and last section deals with operational history on Eastern front and war propaganda issues.
In this anthology, The Great War in 1915, the individual authors from thirteen nations, many recognized military historians, have highlighted their areas of expertise by researching and examining specialized areas that largely include their own national histories and armed forces.