Promotion of the book "Serbia and the Challenges of Defense Diplomacy" at 63rd International Book Fair in Belgrade

At the Book Fair in Belgrade today, the book "Serbia and Challenges of Defense Diplomacy" by Colonel Dr. Veljko Blagojevic from the Strategic Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense was presented. At the stand of Media Center "ODBRANA", where today's promotion was held, prof. Dr. Neđo Danilović, Ph.D. Milan Terzić, Director of the Yugoslav Archives, Lt. Col. Dalibor Denda from the Department of History of the Strategic Research Institute took part, as well as the author himself. 

The fact about which the exhibitors agreed was that the work of Colonel Blagojević represents historical, legal and political study that seeks to determine what defense diplomacy really is, what is its historical development, and what is its place and role in contemporary diplomatic and general foreign policy of Serbia. Through the discussion, the author elaborates and displays experiences in the normative-legal arrangement of defense diplomacy of certain European countries, as well as some tendencies in terms of organization and functioning. Through the presentation of the results of these research, he analyzes the field of defense diplomacy of the Republic of Serbia and proposes certain organizational solutions.