Hybrid warfare – Experiences and Perspective (Ongoing)


Hybrid warfare is a new term which tries to include and point out all characteristics of contemporary conflicts in first decades of 21st century. This term became very popular in a wider context of media and politics, while experts are divided about novelty of the phenomenon. To understand basic idea behind the hybrid warfare concept it is useful to start from the classics statement that war is continuation of politics by other means. Innovative approach and logical analysis offer a wide spectra and variety of other –nonmilitary means and methods for conflict by which it made transition from political domain towards all other domains: economical, financial, traffic, transportation, information, media, cultural, religious and sports. Parallel processes of globalization and technological development particularly informational and telecommunications combined with other factors, offers new possibilities and fertile ground for hybrid warfare. However, basic idea and content of hybrid warfare are not new. Also, there are some other terms which tend to explain character of modern conflicts. 

As part of the project realization, at the Strategic Research Institute, on December 21, 2017, a thematic roundtable "Hybrid Warfare - a dilemma of the concept of contemporary conflicts" was held with the intention of reviewing the views of the domestic expert and scientific public on the problem framework of the "hybrid warfare" phenomenon. The collection of papers from this evening is expected by the end of 2018.
In the previous period of the project realization following scientific articles have been published:

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