The Thematic Collection of Articles "Asymmetry and Strategy"

With the aim to find scientifically based answers of some questions that reflect the contemporary security environment, Strategic Research Institute and the Department for Strategy of the National Defence School organized an international scientific conference "Asymmetry and Strategy"  that held in Belgrade on October 18 2017. The Thematic Collection of Articles: "Asymmetry and Strategy" is just result of this international scientific meeting. It contains 41 articles, among them 18 articles are from abroad, written by eminent scholars in the field of security. Each artical has been reviewed by reviewers, international experts competent for the field to which the paper is related. The Thematic Collection of Articles has no ambition to answer on the numerous questions concerning the asymmetry and the the strategic thought regarding this phenomenon, because this is not possible, bearing in mind the complexity of the phenomenon of asymmetry. However, we are convinced that the Collection of Articles presents a framework for better understanding of asymmetric risks to the safety of contemporary societies. Also, we firmly believe that it will be a strong incentive for further research of asymmetry, as well as possible strategic responses to asymmetrically-based threats. Otherwise, the Thematic Collection of Articles is the result of one of the activities implemented within the scientific research project of the Strategic Research Institute named "Identification of Contemporary Asymmetric Forms of Security Threats”, which began in 2017.