Strategic culture as a determinant of national security in the function of supporting the concept of military neutrality (Ongoing)

The project aims to eliminate inconsistency in the conceptual-categorical system used in the field of "strategy, strategic and strategic culture", above all the notion of "strategic culture". The above syntagm was not much thought or written in Serbia, as opposed to foreign authors, and it was not sufficiently accounted for the scientific definition of these terms, which led to the uncertainties that were made in understanding the scope and content of the term and its application. Also, the significance of the project is to point to the problem of self-awareness of the Serbian people, which seems to be often shaken by the awareness of the greater part of the scientific public. The definition and determination of the specificity of the historical heritage, tradition and culture of the Serbs, at least in the most general terms, will provide a better understanding of the attitude towards international politics and the position of Serbia in the international order. The discussion of the strategic culture of the Serbs represents a key element for understanding the strategic positioning of Serbia and, consequently, determining vital national interests and priorities in foreign policy engagement on their implementation. The project will contribute to a more realistic view of facts about what we are, what we want, how we define national interests and what are our priorities, how we accomplish or preserve other issues of strategic importance. Most often, the problems of strategic culture are not considered at the level of a rational and scientific basis. Long-term orientations were considered by inertia that has been shown to be disastrous to the Serbian people in history.