Stress in the military profession - Achievements and Perspectives (Ongoing)

The project aims to determine the risk factors and individual psychological resources for coping and overcoming employment (daily) and operational (combat) stress in the military profession. The project was designed at the request of the Department of Development and psychological activities SLJR of Human Resources J-1 SAF.
The aim is to consolidate and compare the past and come up with new findings about stress in the military profession experiences in mirnoposkih and war conditions, consider stress to participants in multinational operations, registered sources of stress, risk factors, the mechanisms that regulate the effects of stress. The results of the project should lead to insights that contribute to the development and modification: psychological evaluation of candidates for the military profession, the selection of candidates for referral to MNOP. Also, we expect that the results of the project contribute to the development and modification of the psychological model of prevention and the development of training programs for professionals in the field of mental health.