The Тhematic Collection „Stress in the Military Profession“, SRI Serbia, FCM South Africa, MC ODBRANA, 2018.

The Тhematic Collection „Stress in the Military Profession“ is one of the results of work on the Ministry of Defence project, which had as its goal to determine various psychological factors which contribute to adjustment of employees to specific conditions of work in the military profession. The military profession is considered a very specific and an exceptionally stressful profession. The reasons for this lie primarily in characteristics of the working environment and tasks implemented daily by the members of the military, relating to the three missions of the military: defence of the Republic of Serbia from external armed threats, participation in building and preserving peace in the region and the world, support to civil authorities in combating security threats. At the time of development of the project concept, at the phase of analysis of theoretic and empirical data about stress in the military profession, the importance of connecting and collaborating with military psychologists of foreign armies became obvious. The result of that collaboration is this thematic collection.