Promotion of the International Thematic Collection of articles "Asymmetry and strategy" was held today at Strategic Research Institute

Today at the Strategic Research Institute, an International Thematic Collection of articles "Asymmetry and Strategy" was promoted as part of the results achieved by the realization of a scientific research project entitled "Identification of Contemporary Asymmetric Forms of Security Threats". The Thematic Collection contains 41 works by domestic and foreign authors who were previously presented during the international scientific conference held in October 2017 in Belgrade, organized by the Institute and the National Defense School.

Opening today's activity, prof. Dr. Stanislav Stojanović welcomed the participants on behalf of the Institute, thanked the authors of the articles on participation in the realization of the project and reminded on its realization as well as the achieved results.

The name of the Thematic Collection very convincingly actualizes the dilemma whether a classic strategic thought can offer a response to a wide range of current asymmetric security threats. This dilemma is especially important if it is known that asymmetry today is a metaphor or another name for the world we live in. Especially dramatic asymmetry in terms of disposing of living goods, and in that respect, the modern world has to the extreme, sharpened the division into an astonishing little number of unimaginably rich and frightening numbers of those who are extremely poor. Such a global asocial context has prompted strong processes of radicalization of social events, which opened the way for asymmetry, making the modern world dangerous and unpredictable - emphasized prof. Stojanović.

In the continuation of today’s promotion, Dr. Dušan Proroković, from the Institute for International Politics and Economy, or one of the authors of papers in the Proceedings, addressed to the participants.

Asymmetric threats undermine national security and therefore it is necessary to anticipate them, and then preventive affect. In the context of ensuring national security, key asymmetric threats are: terrorism, depopulation, migration, organized crime and threats caused by unfavorable economic and social environment. It is characteristic that certain threats occur in certain regions of the Republic of Serbia, and hence pointing at their geopolitical dimension - said Proroković.