Democratization Security Sector in Serbia (Finished)

The Projects „Democratization Security Sector in Serbia” was jointly realized by the Strategic research institute and the OEBS Mission in Serbia. The Projects consider some of the most basic aspects of Security sector reform, from which it follows four thematic area of the project work: 1. Strengthening democratic civilian control, particularly parliamentary control of The Armed Forces; 2. Respecting Good governance principle, especially principle  of common governing in the Security sector, principle of responsibility, transparency, as well as principle of respecting human law and fundamental freedoms; 3. Strengthening the capacity and rоle of civil society in the Security sector; 4. Support education system modernization and acquisition new knowledge within institutions of Security Sector. As part of the Project, international scientific conference on the topic Emergency situations was held in the January 2009. The goal of conference was exchange experience and scientific achievements domestic and foreign international experts in area Emergency situations, particularly concerning role of the Ministry of defense and Military in Emergency situations, caused nonmilitary factors. After that the, in February 2009 Strategic research institute and the OEBS Mission realized simulation of preparation method of the proposal for decision makers on the topic European security challenges. Aim of simulation vas presenting process advice formulation advice for decision makers, as well as, training defense system members.