The Monograph "Asymmetric Security Threats in the Case of Southeast Europe"

The monograph "Asymmetric Security Threats in the Case of Southeast Europe" is a key result of the project "Identifying Contemporary Asymmetric Security Threats", realized at the Strategic Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense from 2015 to 2017. The results of this research, as well as the conclusions drawn from these findings, are the content of this monograph. The problem’s framework of the project was the fact that countries from this region were increasingly confronted with new, non-traditional challenges, risks and threats, while the starting point for the research was that they occur as a consequence of global processes, such as the great economic crisis, the dramatic increase in social inequality, the weakening of the role of the nation-state and its power, demographic and climate change, and the growing scarcity of energy and other non-renewable resources. Each of these phenomena, whose main denominator is asymmetries, is analyzed in the interactive context of the global significance of each of these particularities with the region of Southeastern Europe, which is the central location of this research presented in the monograph.