Strategic culture as a determinant of national security in support of the concept of military neutrality (Vojno Delo No. 8/2019)


Thematic issue of Magazine Vojno Delo no. 8/2019 is dedicated to presenting research efforts in the implementation of the Strategic Research Institute project entitled “Strategic culture as a determinant of national security in support of the concept of military neutrality”. The structure of the papers in this issue is defined by the terms of project’s task according to the following sections:
- the concept of strategic culture,
- tradition as a factor of strategic culture,
- geopolitics and geoeconomics as factors of strategic culture, and
- strategic culture and neutrality.
It was clear from the begining that the project would not be able to provide answers to all problematic questions, concerns and ambiguities, but it certainly represents the beginning of a systematic scientific reflection on strategic culture in Serbia. It is a truly grandiose and certainly difficult to fully achieve the ultimate goal of identifying the quality and value system of the Serbian strategic culture, its capacity to support the long-term realization of key doctrines envisaged by the strategic documents, to point out the areas and directions of activity of the intellectual and political elite in the systematic affirmation of the key values ​​of our cultural heritage in order to more effectively counter the contemporary security challenges, risks and threats to the whole of Serbian society. The scientific papers in this thematic issue represent the realization of the first phase of the project, which provide a good basis for future research in this area and perhaps the formation of strategic culture studies in Serbia. This is supported by a completely new definition of strategic culture, which is the fruit of Serbian scientific thought and experience, and it can be found among these covers.