Military Profession in Serbia – Current Conditions and Future Perspectives (Finished)

Strategic Research Institute launched the project entitled “Military Profession in Serbia – Current Conditions and Future Perspectives” on the basis of statements from strategic documents where was said that the human resources are “the most important element of the system of defence”. Indicators of the problem are:  sufficiency of general personnel, lack of personnel with specific knowledge, unpredictability of career, unsecure job positions, questionable selection process for education and specialization, inefficient use of specialized personnel, biased promotion and posting, ignoring and discouraging the best, double standards, validity of qualifications, etc. Research was oriented towards overview of the current state and problems of military profession; an analysis and creation of proposal for improvement of the ranking criteria; creation of the ranking model for selection in processes of promotions, posting, education and downsizing; defining officer’s profile for the future; and insight in foreign experiences. General goal was to create conditions such that the best people come to the best positions. As a part of the project, a two day conference dedicated to the military profession was held in March 2009.