New book by Colonel Dr. Dalibor Denda

The Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow and the publishing house Nestor - History from St. Petersburg published the book Сербская армия 1804-1918 (Serbian Army 1804-1918), by Colonel Dr. Dalibor Denda, a research associate at the Institute for Strategic Research at the University of Defense. Belgrade. The 176-page book, in addition to the text, contains comments, a dictionary of historical and geographical terms, a biographical register and an attachment with 20 original photographs from the Military Museum in Belgrade. The translation into Russian, comments and contributions are the work of the Russian historian Dr. Alexander Silkin. The monograph in a popular way shows the more than century-long development of the military organization in Serbia from the First Serbian Uprising to the end of the First World War. Special attention is paid to the Russian influence on its construction. The paper contains the results of the latest research by the author as well as contemporary Serbian and Russian historiography. The book, as the first synthesis of this topic in the Russian language, in addition to the scientific public, is also intended for a wider readership.