The participation of the Director of for Strategic Research Institute at the International Scientific Conference Women in Sport, held in Arandjelovac

First International Scientific Conference Women in Sport, held on March 8, 2015 at the Izvor Hotel in Arandjelovac, was organized by the Faculty of Sport University Union - Nikola Tesla, Sports Association of Serbia and the Alliance for School Sports Serbia with the support of Municipality of Arandjelovac. More than 100 sports, academics and scholars from the region took part at the Conference.
In accordance with the Sports Development Strategy for the period 2014-2018. and the Action Plan for its implementation which was adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, at the proposal of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, it was defined the purpose of the Conference - the exchange of knowledge, experiences and information relevant to the resoving theoretical and practical issues of women s participation in sport, with particular emphasis on sport in the Republic of Serbia. The conference was also aimed to highlight the current problems and the specifics of women s sports and to offer solutions and propose actions for its further progress and development.
Thematic units that were represented at the Conference covered the following areas: socio-economic and socio-psychological context of the place and role of women in sport; the position of women in sport within specific social groups (military, police,...); strategy of integration of women in sport in relation to Sports Development Strategy for the period 2014-2018; legislation in terms of the position of women in sport; positions, opportunities and challenges of women s participation in sport in Serbia (women in sports media, business management, sportswomen, women coaches / judges); specificities of women in the sport of persons with disabilities and special needs; education of staff in terms of women s sport.
As representatives of the Ministry of Defence, Jovanka Šaranović, PhD Director of the Strategic Research Institute and Gender Advisor to the Defence Minister and Biljana Stojkovic PhD, from the Strategic Planning Department, took participation at the Conference. In addition to participating in the first session, one of the speakers on the topic: Impact of physical ability of women to their involvement in the Military, Jovanka Šaranović also participated in the promotion of the book Women and Sport author Milka Djukic, PhD from the Faculty of Sport, University Union-Nikola Tesla, as one of the reviewers. Military officer Biljana Stojkovic has exhibited with the theme: Aikido skills (self)defense of women against violence.
As part of the Conference there were presented a number of original works by authors from different government agencies, educational and scientific institutions and sporting organizations in Serbia, which is the underlying theme of the complex covered, from several scientific angles. The papers, which have been subject to professionally review, will be published in the Proceedings which will be issued in print and e-format.
Unique conclusion of the Conference is that women should have equal treatment in the system of Sport of the Republic of Serbia, as envisaged in the Sports Development Strategy for 2014- 2018 and National Action Plan, with broad social and media support.