Ministry of Education, Science andTechnological Development accredited Strategic Research Institute

Strategic Research Institute, as a scientific research organization within the Department of Defense Policy of the Republic of Serbia has fulfilled all the requirements and academic standards for accreditation as a research institute in the fields of social sciences and humanities.
Committee on Accreditation of research organization, as the competent body of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, made a positive review on the accreditation of the Institute for Strategic Research in February 2015.
The decision on accreditation is a result of long-lasting efforts of members of the Institute to fullfill the academic standards of the Republic of Serbia for institutional engagement in scientific activities. Thanks to the Accreditation, a defense system receives academic verified capacity to develop scientific activities in the field social sciences and humanities in the Serbian Army and the Ministry of Defence.
Despite the modest size of organization, the Institute is able to provide qualified staff made of ten researchers with scientific and educational titles and five researchers in the research profession, which was necessary for the accreditation process. The Institute has created the prerequisit for cooperation with other scientific institutions in the country, participation in projects of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, and above all – creating the conditions for better scientific support to the specific needs of the defense system of the Republic of Serbia.