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21 Aug 2017

In the premises of the Institute for Strategic Research at the University of Defense, the director of the Institute, prof. Dr. Jovanka Šaranović, met with the director of the Institute ...
02 Jun 2017
Researchers from the Military History Department LtCol Dr. Miljan Milkić and LtCol Dr. Dalibor Denda participated at the 17th Annual Conference of the Conflict Studies Working Group Partnership for ...
17 Maj 2017
During the visit to the institutions of Security system the students of the Faculty of Security studies of the University in Belgrade have been the gests of the Strategic Research Institute where ...
12 Mar 2017
Director of the Strategic Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence, Mrs Jovanka Šaranović, PhD, and Director of the Directorate for European Integration and Project Management in the ...
06 Feb 2017
The Strategic Research Institute and Military Archive’s Day, 5th February, has been ceremonially marked today at Banjica 2 Barracks in Belgrade.  Congratulating the Day to the ...