Аbout Institute

The Strategic Research Institute (SRI) is a research institution of the MoD working in the fields of security, defense, and military history. The Strategic Research Institute was founded on October 1, 2006, uniting the scientific research of the Military Arts Institute and the Military-history Institute. The Institute consists of the following departments:
  • Strategic Assessments and Security Integration,
  • Defense Studies,
  • Military History,
  • General Administration and
  • Military Archives.
 SRI’s basic tasks are:
  1. Assessing dangers, challenges, risks and threats to Serbian security;
  2. Analyzing international relations processes and factors that affect Serbia’s security and international status;
  3. Researching the experience of regional and world conflicts important for Serbian security;
  4. Providing analysis, assessments and recommendations to help Serbia react when its security is threatened;
  5. Researching how Serbia could be included and engaged in international security organizations;
  6. Researching the field of defense system management;
  7. Researching civil-military relations in democratic and transitional countries, with an emphasis on conversion and the reform of civil-military relations in Serbia;
  8. Researching psychological aspects of military management, wars, training, and combat moral;
  9. Researching public opinion within the Ministry, Armed Forces and civil defense units on relevant issues regarding the country’s defense;
  10. Developing and improving the Serbian defense system’s research methodology;
  11. Researching military history until the end of the Second World War;
  12. Researching military history after the Second World War;
  13. Participating and cooperating in scientific research projects headed by other national or international institutions concerning the fields of security, defense, security integration and military history;
  14. Evaluating and revising SRI scientific papers;
  15. Preparing and conducting scientific and expert meetings in the fields of security, defense and military history;
  16. Participating in the Military Academy’s educational process and the SAF training process; and
  17. Publishing books, magazines and other scientifically useful documentation.