Keynote speech of Director


Strategic Research Institute is a specific and accredited scientific institution conducting scientific research for the purpose of the defense system of the Republic of Serbia in the field of social and humanistic sciences in the fields of security, military doctrine, military history, political science, psychology, sociology and management. It is relying on the considerable fund of knowledge arising from decades of scientific research of the Institute of the Art of War and Military History Institute, whose traditions it continues.  The Strategic Research Institute identifies, investigates and evaluates the strategic relationships that exert the most significant influence on national values ​​and interests. In the search for adequate solutions and answers, which should reduce the arbitrariness of strategic decision-making, the Institute gives special importance to scientific research-based approach to security phenomena and processes. Thanks to competent and established scientific and research staff, the Institute strives to meet the highest academic standards in order to be recognized in the general academic community. Hence, the constant ambition of the Institute is to continuously strengthen research credibility and reach the highest scientific level. In this endeavor the Institute pays great attention to the continuing education and training of their scientific research personnel as well as cooperation with other relevant institutions and scientific institutions in the country and the world.

Director of the Strategic Research Institute