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Period: 01.01.2000 - 19.12.2018

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Project was undertaken after special request from the top authority in the field of human resources management. It was conducted together with the Working table number 2 from the Serbia-NATO Defense Reform Group. Exhaustively research has been done in order to create an robust model for ranking of ...

The study ''Defence against threats in cyberspace'' by Dejan Vuletic, PhD, is a result of the same project. The study discusses the different definitions and characteristics of cyberspace. Threats in cyberspace are shown through the following areas: attacks on computer systems, ...

Realization of this project assumed consultation of wide scope of literature, mainly foreign one, from few different scientific disciplines. Simulation modeling is widely present and used in solving very different problems, simulation methodology is relatively new branch which rely on mathematics, ...

Strategic Research Institute launched the project entitled “Military Profession in Serbia – Current Conditions and Future Perspectives” on the basis of statements from strategic documents where was said that the human resources are “the most important element of the system ...

The Projects „Democratization Security Sector in Serbia” was jointly realized by the Strategic research institute and the OEBS Mission in Serbia. The Projects consider some of the most basic aspects of Security sector reform, from which it follows four thematic area of the project work: ...