We are doing research trough different projects, that are valuable for Defense Department as well as society in general.




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Period: 01.01.2000 - 30.09.2020

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The Projects „Democratization Security Sector in Serbia” was jointly realized by the Strategic research institute and the OEBS Mission in Serbia. The Projects consider some of the most basic aspects of Security sector reform, from which it follows four thematic area of the project work: ...

he Strategic Research Institute’s project “Serbian Armed Forces’ and MoD Members’ Opinions about Military Reform and Security Integration” started with the idea to investigate the opinions of professional members of the MoD and SAF about the character, intensity, and ...

The results of this research can be applied in the field of capacitating The Defense System, and the society as a whole, for systematic, expert, professional, and constant combat against terrorism, with defining appropriate forms, methods and modalities of combating.