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Period: 01.01.2000 - 30.10.2020

Category: Projects

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This project was undertaken after special request from the top authority in the field of management of human and material resources for the need of defense system. They wanted to know what level of propensity is for service in the military active reserve. Concept of the Active Reserve presents one ...

Realizing the research project "The protection of critical information infrastructure" carried out a complex analysis of organizational solutions, laws and other regulations related to the protection of critical information infrastructures. The practical aim of research is possibility to ...

The project has multidisciplinary character and it was realized through four parts: The European Union in a Multipolar world; Energy Security as a Factor of Geopolitical Regrouping; The Interests of Turkey and Germany in the Western Balkans and Perspectives of Development Hellenic-Israeli Alliance ...

Research project ''Guidelines for the development of the Strategy securing cyberspace'' was launched at the initiative of the project manager, who is analyzing the current issues and trends in terms of security in cyberspace, he noticed that one of the key problems in Serbia is lack ...

This project was undertaken on the initiative of the top management of the ministerial level. An empirical research has been performed in order to gain raw data for further statistical analyses and distilling relevant information for the need of the top management. Project results were arranged, ...