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28 Maj 2021
​ The British delegation, led by the defense envoy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Colonel Niko Ilic, paid a working visit to the Military Archives today. The ...
21 Apr 2021

On the occasion of the upcoming Army Day, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Dr. Nebojsa Stefanovic presented the annual awards for the best scientific research works today at the ...
21 Apr 2021

The Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow and the publishing house Nestor - History from St. Petersburg published the book Сербская армия 1804-1918 (Serbian ...
22 Jan 2021

The Strategic Research Institute has launched a scientific research project "Projection of trends of importance for the security of the Republic of Serbia until 2030." The ...
26 Nov 2019

A delegation of the German Army Center for Military History and Social Science, led by battleship captain Dr. Jorg Hilman, visited today the Strategic Research Institute in Belgrade. The ...