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The Institute for Strategic Research has launched a scientific research project "Projection of trends of importance for the security of the Republic of Serbia until 2030." The project's goal is to identify and explain social phenomena and processes that will significantly ...

The project aims to eliminate inconsistency in the conceptual-categorical system used in the field of "strategy, strategic and strategic culture", above all the notion of "strategic culture". The above syntagm was not much thought or written in Serbia, as opposed to foreign ...

The project aims to determine the risk factors and individual psychological resources for coping and overcoming employment (daily) and operational (combat) stress in the military profession. The project was designed at the request of the Department of Development and psychological activities SLJR ...

Hybrid warfare is a new term which tries to include and point out all characteristics of contemporary conflicts in first decades of 21st century. This term became very popular in a wider context of media and politics, while experts are divided about novelty of the phenomenon. To understand ...

The aim of the Project is research of contemporary forms of security endangering, stemming from the global asymmetric relations subjects of the international scene. Globalization with its comprehensive presence in the life of contemporary people reduces the distances, speeds relations and ...